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"Total, president." Shanshan quickly say hello. Mr. president was leaning against the back seat luxury eyes closed, he heard a faint cry should be, even the eyes did not open. Infante help back laughing: "Come on, Miss Xue got faster." "Oh, good." Shanshan gingerly stepped into the car. Halo, also paved fluffy white carpet, rain how do ah, not a step on the dirty yet? Fortunately, she changed today is the new shoes, if often wear a pair of shoes, a step on two big black footprints ...... Uh ...... Cranky, the car slowly start. Put your hands knees, back straight, eyes straight ahead - Shanshan to pupils sitting the standard windows close tightly seated. Infante help laughing, afraid she looked so uncomfortable in her hands a gift box to find the topic, said:? "This is a gift for you, Miss Xue ready" "Yes ah." "It's fun." "Is it?" Shanshan flattered, suddenly produced a special assistant and confidant square sense, unconscious body to lean forward. "I also think that these ducks are cute, but also singing, singing is not the same for each duck, oh." Shanshan began Xianbao, Infante also with the help admiring, Shanshan positive and Infante help a good cheap nfl jerseys wholesale talk, sudden closure next president has not put a sentence coldly opening came. "Wind Teng give your salary is low it?" Shanshan back, was left out of the big boss closure of looking at her arrogance. "Do not lower the high ...... uh ...... ah ......" Shanshan Feng boss found hindsight eyes fell on the gift, did not he suspected her gifts too cheap? Hand holding a gift box to help shrink the shrink back, Shanshan courage to argue: "The president, though these seem just ordinary duck, actually ......" These ducks are actually singing these ducks swim key brand is the brand ah! Designer understand? Expensive! Expensive than eat duck! "In fact what?" Seal the big boss eyes slightly narrowed, bad breath, his face plainly says "I dare to refute those who died." So Shanshan gulped: "In fact ...... that ordinary duck ==" Firs car in frustration quickly forward, approaching the destination, sealed Teng received a phone call, hang up cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale the phone told party special assistant. "A band she went upstairs will you, sealing month to see her." Sealing month? Xue Shanshan think of it, is not that what president sister, is it sealed Missy wants to see her? That would be great. Shanshan so big the first time to attend a separate banquet ceremony Zhengchou do not know what to go when sent, but was closed after Teng Shanshan contempt for their gift lose confidence, thinking just to see people take advantage of the when the plug out quietly, save a large crowd cheap nfl jerseys free shipping under a disgrace == Stopped the car, and acts as a seal driver Teng tall bodyguard to go ahead with a special assistant Xue Fang Shanshan took the elevator from the other direction on a suite upstairs. Month closure is a very petite beauty, parlor suites are a few people in and woman sit and chat, see Xue Shanshan cheap football jerseys wholesale went up to a very warm, Shanshan holding hands: "You are right, Miss Xue, thanks to your rescue, otherwise I would have been dead. " Shanshan very embarrassed, and immediately blushed, shaking his head, said:. "Shucks, I did not do anything."

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