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Here there is a line of supplements with a black pen XX Hall address. "Xue Shanshan" in the name and address of cheap nfl nike jerseys that line are written up in a pen, writing is very different, the words written very handsome Xue Shanshan, Shanshan guess who is pregnant with blood and his own written . That line was written address below penetrating back, cross draw iron hook, giving a strong and cheap nfl jerseys nike domineering feeling, so at first glance to think of Shanshan in the hospital to see the big boss arrogant. But he should not be so busy writing this right ...... say addresses Well, online search is not there, why bother. A glance at a passing colleague, secretly surprised Xue Shanshan competition are eligible to participate president Seder, then unhesitatingly said: "?. XX Club membership is heard, it is mysterious, oh" Firs are fortunate not a five-star hotel, do not wear it too formal, heard two and one black, as if to see his pocket drops yuan flew with wings Shanshan stroll the streets all night, bought a usually wearing no exaggeration little dress, a pair of high heels never challenged, are always wrong black. Also bought a set of eight ducklings as gifts, can float in the water by means of hydraulic swim, will sing the kind of small duck, picked a brand, but also hundreds of pieces. Shanshan remember your childhood like the kind of pinch will be called full of ducks, children should also like it. Originally Shanshan buy baby silverware set, then I thought the cheap nfl jerseys nike big boss house what is not, ah, is more practical to buy toys. Then found himself Shanshan total assets has become a negative one, and owe the bank a dollar ...... Friday Shanshan gone back to work, squatting office Dundao seven o'clock, and then go to the bathroom for a little dress heels, out of the wind Teng building. Fortunately, no one has been inside the building, otherwise certainly embarrassed to wear such a formal Shanshan == Before the building is waiting for a cab when a silver BMW stopped in front of her, Fuzuo windows open, gentle sir special assistant stuck his head out. "Miss Xue is to go to the banquet it? Better than the car we Bands you a ride." "OK good, thank you." Shanshan grateful nod, weekend car cheap nfl jerseys from china is really hard to beat. Then opened the back seat door Shanshan Then ...... Shanshan regret ...... Who will tell her why the big boss sitting behind ah ...... Special assistant I did not offend you sir it ......

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