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Month closure smiled, pulling her to sit down, talk with friendly, suddenly remembered something, asked: "? Miss Xue, the food still taste it together." Shanshan a moment. Sealing May said: "I told the kitchen to make a lunch meals and brother sent together, you did not have to do it?" "Eat eat." Shanshan nodded, suddenly, turned out to be the original seal cheap nfl jerseys usa eldest commanded ah. Had any brains, president of adult askew arrogant way, how could think of to send cheap nike nfl jerseys usa a small staff lunch. Someday be blood directly before a phone call in the past, like he has done thing. "Also the food palatable it?" Seal month asked again. "Together, together." Shanshan nodded, besides other really full of delicious liver. "It's too much trouble to you." . "Where" seal Month smiled and said: "My brother is very picky mouth, chef at home every day for lunch are sent cheap nfl jerseys from china to do, but also the way you say Bands wind Teng staff I most clearly related to my brother. like hard, eating bread for lunch as well as to solve, you just pumping so much blood, so how the line. " This is really a bit touched down Shanshan, the eldest mind really considerate. Feng Shanshan take months to see the hands of the gift, surprise, said:? "This is a gift you give your cheap nfl jerseys to usa baby." "Yes ah." Shanshan handed out the box, "singing ducks swim." May seal looks really like. "I'm afraid we have to send money, as the most boring, is not willing to spend a little effort and you do not know how to start, I asked Brother thank you, he actually said write a check, it's not insulting thing ......" Ah? ! Shanshan froze, my heart suddenly only one idea - Missy, why will not you insult my president! I'd rather be insulted ah ......

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