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Jingqiu her mother back, their there for. Consecutive waited two days, Ma Zhuren have not arranged for her to work. Twice, come to work in the "Party" were spotted Jingqiu, but Ma Zhuren abruptly to another person stuffed "Party A" hands go. Ma Zhuren explained "? Your difficulties are temporary, you can first use borrowed money to say, so you as a teacher, but also worry about not starting." Jingqiu explained that he is not a top grade teacher, but do cook, Ma Zhuren shook his head in disapproval?? "This is why it would rather you do not cook you go under the Rural years back when recruit more workers Okay. " The next morning, Anny Ma Zhuren also went home early, sitting in the living room and other workers. Today, if you are thinking how they can not wait for work to do, heard someone calling her "Anny, and other work that way?" Anny looked up, surprised almost called out, is "younger brother's wife", wearing a grass green uniforms, tops okay, definitely too big piece of trousers, a truly "turn left "pants, it is estimated turn left to go back to him with a belt at Le thin waist. She did not know he was such a hot day, dressed so deferential to do, but she a closer look and found that red collar on his clothes, cap badges head there, knowing he was not dressed to play. "Younger brother's wife," enraptured said "I joined the army." Anny could not believe that such a small child he looks body is not ye, how to say the army would join the army? Is it on the head when elite nfl jerseys troops to bodyguard? "Younger brother's wife" never dared to speak in schools with quiet autumn, not much with other people speak, the real unknown, the class of people almost cheap elite nfl jerseys feel his presence, and he did not think the army, and probably also to no less than the countryside. "Younger brother's wife," asked again "You waiting for workers" see Anny nodded, "younger brother's wife" went to the back room, and asked his mother, elite jerseys "Mom, how can you not find a job to Anny?" Jingqiu Listen Ma Zhuren said "Where is I do not give her to find a job to work less this time, to find elite nike nfl jerseys a job in more than " "Younger brother's wife," said "You soon find a bar to her, she waited in there." Ma Zhuren said "and where the job should have a job in my hand Yeah." Anny hear the "younger brother's wife," her mother whispered to him in anything, but she could not hear. She was very grateful, "younger brother's wife", but feel very embarrassed, as if what he was seeking something different. After a moment, Ma Zhuren out, said "The mill's square prosperity came yesterday to the workers, relatively hard, I did not introduce you go you see you like it or not do, if you wish, you go now. it. " Jingqiu overjoyed, hastened to say. "I like, I is not afraid of hard work or need you to help me write a note." "Do not write a note, you say I told you to go, he did not believe?" Ma Zhuren finished, busy yourself go.

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