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Checks and liver ...... how strong contrast, how easy choice, Shanshan tears. On cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the liver, she cheap nfl jerseys paypal could not eat liver, and then eat she can write an essay called "liver eighteen eat". Shanshan said: "Well, the meal is really too much trouble to you every day, the future will not, huh, huh." Month closure clear understanding nod: "good, after all, you work in an office, not too special." Shanshan think much of this, but promised to see her, my heart greatly relieved. And chatted cheap nfl jerseys from china for a few, the bedroom crying child, also fast banquet began, Shanshan took the opportunity to leave out, was the waiter led to ballroom. Shanshan originally thought would be the kind of television we walked holding the glass banquet, but this evidently is Chinese style. Before coming Shanshan had thought, given cheap nike nfl jerseys paypal that they have negative equity, so the banquet must eat enough of this, enough storage after N days of energy. According to this goal, Shanshan developed two plans. Plan A: If you are a Western-style banquet, then fled in every corner of the holding plate. Plan B: If the banquet is Chinese, it must choose the most corner position. Shanshan You look around, pick a corner absolutely very good position to sit down, side tables pray it is best to sit dissatisfaction, while happily waiting for open seats. Sure enough, this desk is too remote, and a lot of people have not walked in the table to sit down, Shanshan that music ah, only few people eat more thing. But soon she was getting too much of it. Because almost open seats, the other tables are filled, she has her desk or only one person Shanshan embarrassing out. Shanshan thick skinned and then did not thick enough to the point where a person sitting a table, stand up going to another location, but where to find space for a time, but she did not know anybody, hastily go very strange. Then all sit down, and left the world and independent Shanshan, embarrassment want to drill holes in the ground, suddenly felt an intense gaze toward her eyes, looking back along the line of sight, and saw the big boss is a nice eyebrows Organisation stared at her. Finished, miserable, and the big boss must have felt humiliated her to the company. Shanshan miserable look back - I did not mean the boss, you must have a clear grasp ah. Stare at each other for a moment, glanced open letters Teng sight, summoned the waiter, whispered a few words. Shanshan saw the waiter looked at her, and she certainly knew about the little heart started bouncing wildly, and it does not want to ask her out. But that is not bad, just go out to eat beef noodles. Starved to death soon! The waiter turned towards her smiling face band, standing in front of her, made ​​a "please" posture: "Miss Xue, Mr. Feng please go to his seat seat." Uh? Not ask her out? Instead, he told her to sit there? But his middle front seat legendary chairman it Shanshan again embarrassing it. Shanshan is certainly not timid in front of so many people refuse invitations big boss or command, unafraid of death that followed the waiter walked Tang Feng, Feng Teng added in the next seat to sit down. Feng Teng positive and a well-dressed old man speech, what topics like land, did not even ignores her. Shanshan honestly just waiting for him to finish the old man gingerly opening: "Officer, I do not sit here right?" Feng, president of breath lazy. "What's wrong?"

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