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"Here are the big man, and I, uh ...... temporarily, is not somebody come forward ==" Tang Feng gently in the sun, staring at her. "Do not want to sit up, just kind of looked at me with eyes Why?" "What look?" Shanshan stunned. "Your eyes told me ......" seal Teng slowly, "I was abandoned, come save me." "......" The boss you are wrong, and I beg that you obviously do not deduct wages eyes ah - But look at his face closure Teng sure, Shanshan also began to suspect that he had just sent the wrong signal is not the ...... though her ​​heart really did not think so, but maybe eyes so to say, is not saying the lyrics called "I betrayed eyes I drop the heart "what == But then again, the boss, the ability to crack your eyes really cheap nfl jerseys for sale too strong - Feng Teng sat next to of course do not expect to eat too much, and do not tremble chopsticks pretty good. Originally intended Shanshan today to cheap nike nfl jerseys for sale a "gentle and ferocious" eating phase, but now "ferocious" can only be incorporated into the bag Bands home, Shanshan efforts have memories of his era dress elegant lady eating phase. But after four years of college classmates dinner snatch training, elegant things really are the last generation. Well, relying on a chopstick dish - smiling. And human sight relative - smiling. The waiter trotters, right, front trotters smile. Hey, they are not trotters, no matter, in front of an animal paw smile. Face stiff out ...... == Finally banquet half, more people leave, Shanshan Feng Teng also to immediately leave. Feng Teng said: "You go late, and cheap nfl jerseys for sale I sent the guests together." "......" Shanshan trembling remind him:. "President, I am also a guest ah" I have gifts ...... "You cheap nfl jerseys free shipping want to go first?" Seal Teng eyes narrowed, familiar oppressive ED Shanshan hit. "The boss did not go, employees can go?" "Of course not!" Shanshan once rightly said, "I see a visitor ...... see a visitor to leave."

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