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New releases for 2017 are a new range of 1/72 conversion kits for the PSC M3 & M5 half tracks.

These easy to assemble conversion kits will enable you to make some of the more numerous versions of the USA half tracks, the range so far is

M16 a/a, M17 a/a, M21 mortar carrier, M2 gun tractor, M9 apc and T48 (SU57) a/t gun, as used by the Russians.

We also plan the M4 mortar carrier, T19 105m sp how and the M15a1 a/a versions later in 2017.







Some new stocks of Fabbri tanks have arrived in the shape of the Russian T62 mbt.

A must have for late to mid coldwar armies and of course the Egyptian or Syrian forces in the middle east wars.












New releases for september 2016 are:-

25pdr, limber, crews and tractors, CMP HUP & wreckers, Bofors gun, Sherman deep wading trunks

& a Churchill arv mk1 conversion.

S&S Morris Quad 9 copy

S&S CMP Wrecker Early 6

S&S CMP HUP 8 copy




















































many thanks

Shaun & Stewart
S&S Models

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