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Western Europe multi head fig range

These are the first in a line of generic multi head option figures.
They have GB style 58 pattern webbing and have a mix of FN/slr rifles and FN fal gpmg’s.
Ever found it frustrating that you can find the right weapons but the figs are wearing the wrong head gear or the right head gear and the wrong weapons, well now we have the answer with these new multi head option figures.
Designed to enable you to create armies that have western European weapons and no heads so you can then specify what head gear you require to enable you to make an African army with US M1 helmets or mercenaries with a beret and beard that use FN weapons.
heads are supplied with the figs all you need to do is to specify what head you require.
We have a range of heavy support weapons including mortars, mg,s a/a and a/t weapons as well as vehicle and gun crews all with the nulti head option.

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