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Escape Committee Wargames Club


We belong to a thriving Somerset based wargames club, known as

the ‘Escape Committee wargames club’

We are Burnham on Sea’s premier gaming club

We attend various show with our demonstration games where we have won many awards for outstanding terrain, gaming figures and vehicles.

This is an example of one of our African shanty town battles.


We play a lot of different 20mm (1/72) games both WW2 and modern, on some of the best club terrain available, indeed our club night terrain is better than a lot of clubs demo terrain you see at shows, we also have a large collection of 20mm African bush wars terrain, figures & vehicles as well as 28mm ACW, Napoleonic, 1/300th modern/WW2 as well as a whole host of other scales and periods


We meet at the

Burnham On Sea community centre, Berrow road, B-O-S, Somerset.



If you would like to come along and see us please email Shaun Matthews, or TEL: (01278) 780193 for details, we welcome anyone, even if you do not have anything to game with, there is always more than enough figures at the club.

Air attack on a shanty town.







A Norway costal attack


















The clubs last big game, a 24ft long cold war game in 20mm scale.

DSCN5675 DSCN5713

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